Message from the CEO

Our 2014 release of the H2E (healing to employment) program is very exciting, it has been developed over twelve months in partnership with AusCoaching. Extensive research was undertaken to identify the gaps in current programs to develop a program that was written for Indigenous Australians by Indigenous Australians.  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are heart first then head,  most of the mainstream programs are written for migrant Australia and then adapted to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australia which means they are head and no heart, lots of information that the participants are left baffled by.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples need to understand how the learning will impact on them and their families, being able to see the journey forward and know that it is through a stable job/career that the life style they want to live is within their reach.  The H2E program has been developed with a strong understanding that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are trained and sometimes over trained yet still are not employed, seen as employable or able to achieve retention in the workplace.

We endeavour to alter this landscape through  addressing aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander society that inhibits their success in the workplace, and we look at the social, emotional wellbeing of each candidate then work towards the understanding that to have longevity within the workplace we must grow and change, firstly moving out of survival mode into living mode. We discuss what is nurture and what is nature then redefine the self as an aspect of self determination.

Creating employee retention, because they have plans and goals to achieve and they see this happening through the workplace and are open and willing to make the job their own continuing to undergo professional development to further their career.

If your company would like to discuss how to integrate this program into your workplace and the long term benefits please contact me.

Leanne Phillips